Smoke Ridge


Smoke Ridge produces and sells breeding meat goats that give the highest and longest lasting returns at the lowest possible production cost and expenditure of labor, so that you can have a profitable meat goat business. Please read on, then contact us and put us to work, getting you some great meat goats!

U.S. and Canadian demand for goat meat greatly exceeds supply and demand continues to grow.  North America is importing $100 MILLION dollars’ worth of goat meat – also called chevon or cabrito – for citizens to consume. Raising that goat meat right here at home is an enjoyable and rewarding business which also keeps our dollars at home.

This could be your gain! A customer on the East Coast recently cancelled an order for goats to be delivered to him, so we find ourselves with a small number of composite female goats available as Winter approaches (60-70% Spanish, balance Boer blood selected since 1995 for performance in Montana).  The trailer is heading out to Iowa in the near future, so please let us know if adding “25” 2017 doelings or 10-25 proven does (this is the first time ever that young but proven does have been available from Smoke Ridge!) interests you.  The doelings are $300 each delivered, and the does $475 each delivered.  Yearling composite bucks are sold out, and just a few 100% Spanish 2017 bucklings remainunsold or unreserved for 2018 delivery, so let us know quickly if you need one!