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Please click here to watch a video of the Spanish-Boer composite May-born doelings that were available in 2014. Doelings are tagged in the right ear, wethers in the left ear. The next batch of kids are due to arrive in May and June!

29-no!-only 13 left for sale a day later!-bred does that will start kidding May 1, 2015 and 19 exposed doekids, born last Spring, are available now at a very-good-for-the-buyer price! Spanish-Boer composites originally from Smoke Ridge many years ago, doing well in Wisconsin, family needs to sell. I've kept them quiet because I thought someone would snatch them up: their loss for not doing so, your gain! Please email or call (406) 466-5952 for all the details.

Smoke Ridge is your source for meat goats that work FOR YOU. Our goats are raised on fresh or baled natural forage only (no feeding of concentrates or grain is necessary) and convert pasture, brush, and weeds into a meat for which the demand exceeds the supply. And the demand for goat meat continues to grow.

Our does have their kids in the pasture in the Spring, raising an average of 1.9 kids each. Kids reach market weight on natural forage in approximately six months, and thus are ready to be sold when market prices are typically highest, in fall and winter. Our goats respect electric fences, are used to being handled by people, and are raised with livestock guardian dogs. Smoke Ridge bucks are selected for rate of weight gain, high libido, and are either twins, triplets (or quads!) from dams who display excellent maternal traits. Smoke Ridge breeds pure Spanish as well as Spanish-Boer/Savannah composite-breed goats. Selection is for efficiency of production, excellent maternal attributes, and longevity.

Smoke Ridge has been in business since 1991. We operate our business ethically, we want YOU to be successful, and can deliver goats to you at cost. We'll help you once you have your goats, and the new
Meat Goat Handbook will be of management and business assistance as well as showing you almost 300 pictures of the many different kinds, shapes and sizes of meat goats in the U.S. and overseas. Smoke Ridge produces and has available for sale breeding goats that give the highest and longest lasting returns at the lowest possible cost and expenditure of labor.

Smoke Ridge
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