What makes Smoke Ridge goats good at their jobs? Because we started with only pure Spanish goats in 1991, experienced first-hand how very good both the does and bucks were at “doing their job” and have never let go of those genetics!

  • Although Boer and Savannah blood has been added to some of our goats for eye-appeal and meat yield, our target of successful and efficient meat kid-production has never wavered.
  • Cashmere – the goats’ winter under-coat that sheds naturally in the Spring – makes all of our Montana-born and raised goats winter hardy.
  • Livestock Guardian Dogs keep our goats safe from predators, so the goats can do their jobs without challenges from non-paying customers. We’ve had over 10,600 goat kids born here, and have NEVER lost a single kid to predation. Thank you, livestock guardian dogs!
  • Smoke Ridge goats are used to seeing humans on a daily basis, work easily through a sort-alley, and respect electric fencing.

Why will our goats work for you? Because we have carefully selected our goats for performance in North-Central Montana’s demanding environment, and they have successfully moved to climates as varied as New York, Georgia, Missouri, California, Texas, Hawaii, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and the United Arab Emirates. Reserve some for yourself today!


The following photo is from a customer, showing a kid from one of the Smoke Ridge does that she got from us as the kid bravely (curiously?) faces up to a draft-cross horse.