For Sale: Goats

Female Goats (Does, Nannies) will be related to these:

Please note: Smoke Ridge will not have female goats available until the new doe kids are born in June of 2022, and weaned in September of 2022.   “Good goating!”

Male Goats (Bucks, Billies) will be related to these



How much do our goats cost (as of 2022)?

Sex – Age


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Doe kid 3-7 months $375 $325
Doe, 12 mo+, hasn’t yet kidded $450 $400
Doe, has kidded (VERY rarely available!) $550 $500
Buck Kid 3-12 months $475 $425
Yearling buck 12-18 mo. $550 $500
Mature buck 19-60 mo. $650 $600