For 30 years now (hooray, to our meat goats through the decades!) Smoke Ridge has been producing and selling breeding meat goats that give the highest and longest lasting returns at the lowest possible production cost and expenditure of labor, so that you can have an enjoyable and profitable meat goat business. Please contact us and put us to work, getting you some great meat goats!

Since U.S. as well as Canadian demand for goat meat greatly exceeds supply, and demand continues to grow, North America is importing over $220 million dollars’ worth of goat meat – also called chevon or cabrito – ANNUALLY for citizens to consume. Raising that goat meat right here at home is an enjoyable and rewarding business which also keeps our dollars at home, multiplying throughout our own communities… if we were raising the meat goats here at home that are wanted as lunch and dinner instead of importing them, the revenue and it’s circulation could make a BILLION dollar difference to the U.S. Isn’t THAT worth paying attention to?