For Sale: Goats

Female Goats (Does, Nannies) will be related to these:

Male Goats (Bucks, Billies) will be related to these

PLEASE NOTE: Smoke Ridge is expecting a new crop of goat kids in June of 2021, which kids will be available for delivery in September of 2021. If you would like to be on the “inquiry” or “reservation ” list, PLEASE contact Yvonne at 406-403-4070 or by email at to get onto “The List.” There are already folks letting us know that they want some of our goats in September of 2021, so PLEASE get on the list to make sure that you could get goats! Cancelling your “inquiry” would be MUCH easier than missing out.


How much do our goats cost (as of 2020)?

Sex – Age


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Doe kid 3-7 months $350 $300
Doe, 12 mo+, hasn’t yet kidded $425 $375
Doe, has kidded (VERY rarely available!) $525 $475
Buck Kid 3-7 months $450 $425
Yearling buck 12-18 mo. $525 $475
Mature buck 19-60 mo. $625 $575