Smoke Ridge

The Meat Goat Handbook

The Meat Goat Handbook is available just below – order by computer or by check – or from your your favorite online or in-town bookstore; ISBN number 978-0-7603-4042-4.

To buy one copy of The Meat Goat Handbook “by mail,” please send a check or money order for $24.50 ($19.99 plus most of the postage cost) to Smoke Ridge, 1380 Hwy 220, Choteau MT 59422. Remember to tell us where send the book to. If you would like Yvonne to sign the book, just tell her to whom it should be personalized!

To buy a copy of The Meat Goat Handbook for delivery in the U.S. using PayPal, click this “buy now” button and follow the easy steps to tell us where the book should be sent and to whom the book should be personalized.

To buy a copy of The Meat Goat Handbook  in Canada, it will sadly for us be less expensive for you to get it from a Canadian vendor.

If you need us to send you multiple copies of The Meat Goat Handbook, please e-mail us for exact postage costs. We look forward to getting your order, on paper or online, and sending your book(s) to you! Thank you, Yvonne and Craig at Smoke Ridge.